I am not a customer of Taco Bell—I’ve probably have only eaten there once or twice in my life and I have never given much thought to their branding…until now.

Taco Bell has revealed a new logo and I must admit—am not a big fan of the redesign. The new identity was created by New York-based creative consultant firm Lippincott.

As a designer, I understand the need to simplify and update the design in order to make the logo more versatile, by being able to easily switch out the colors. You can see the new color options on Lippincott’s website. However, it just does not appeal to me.

The logo feels more confined now that the bell no longer breaks out of the shape. The bell also looks a little short and stout compared to the original graphic—and for some reason, that bothers me. In addition, the company name does not tie in well with the graphic. The bold, black type overpowers the illustration.

Lippincott is a successful company and has a great branding portfolio, but in my opinion, they missed the mark with this rebranding.

What do you think?