The outcome of this presidential election has somewhat altered how I see the United States. I was initially very disheartened, sad, and discouraged when I found out he won. However, after hours of binge-watching the new series of “Black Mirror” on Netflix and drinking wine—I have come to the decision that I will focus on the positive and block out the negative.

There has been a lot of kindness and words of encouragement posted on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As an artistic person, what has stood out to me the most is the amazing creativity that has been born from the insanity. With my first ever blog post, I would like to share some of that ingenious.

The first is a clever illustration by Victor Juhasz. I originally came across this on Instagram, but you can also see it on Rolling Stone, with a write up by Matt Taibbi. If this drawing does not sum up how many Americans feel, I don’t know what does…


The movement of the illustration is what initially pulled me in. That, and how it truly depicts Trump’s view on women. Statue of Liberty’s facial expression is also so relatable. This has to be one of my favorite editorial illustrations to date.

The next artist I want to call attention to is Robert Mag. Creative director turned illustrator, Mag has designed and illustrated some seriously fantastic political posters. These posters highlight what I think successful design is. Bold, simple, unique, thought-provoking, and tasteful. The illustrations of Trump work perfectly with each quote and the text treatment is superb. It was difficult to choose a favorite, so I am highlighting the first poster—please visit Robert’s Behance page to see the entire series (it’s worth it).


The final artist who I am highlighting is someone who I have been following on Instagram for sometime: Ramiro Davaro-Comas. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY, Davaro-Comas’ work is fun, graphic, and free. His style reminds me a little of Ralph Steadman, who you may recognize as the artist responsible for drawings in several of Hunter S. Thompson’s books. Ramiro Davaro-Comas’ drawing accurately depicts the viciousness of Donald Trump. The red splatter is a nice touch.


I appreciate that artists are taking their anger and channeling it into art. “Make America Create Again” is my new mantra. This election has opened my eyes to new artists and has gotten me excited about art again. I hope that it sparks some new creative ideas of my own, but at the very least, it has compelled this blog. Thanks for reading and if you have any favorite art inspired by this election, I would love to hear about it.

(all image rights belong to each artist)